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17 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Is the shark 250 a Bashan product? I’m wanting to know if the instrument cluster will transfer over to the Bashan Storm 250 that is so popular now…. Any information you can provide will be appreciated.

    1. They are both Bashan products but will not transfer over without mounting modification. As far as functioning ability, I’m not sure. I’ll post any information when I get it.
      Now if youre looking to transfer the cluster from the shark to the brozz (the two dual sports), that should work.

  2. I bought the Peace sports model 512 awhile ago and have been looking all over for the 19×7-8 in 3 bolt pattern rim. Nobody seems to have them anymore. If you have one for sale or know anybody that does, I would really appreciate it!

    1. Yes, we have the rim 19×7-8 3 bolt pattern. $38 including shipping.

  3. Hi, I have a raider 250, and was looking for a service manual, is there one for purchase or download?

    1. We don’t have service manual if it is not coming with the bike. We have a user’s manual if you don’t have one or lost it.

  4. You need to set up a dealer account with us to buy from us at wholesale prices. We only sell to dealerships at this time.

  5. I have a 08 eagle sporty 150 we purchased online for a family member. He lost all the paperwork so it never got titled or registered can you point me in the right direction to get a Certificate of origin?

    1. Contact the Tao Tao website/distributor you made that purchase from. We do not sell their products.

  6. I received my shipment of G250 Storm motorcycle a week ago. How long does it take to receive the MSO/bill of sale? I can’t wait to get it titled/registered and on the road! Thanks

    1. Mark,

      Contact the website or dealership you made your purchase from. We are unaware of your transaction as we did not sell you a product from our location in Georgia. We currently are only selling to those with dealers’ licenses.

  7. I own a Tpgs-808 and I need to order a few parts for it. However I don’t know if its a Tpgs-808 2g or a 4g etc. I don’t even know what the differences are among them, if any at all. Are they all the same? If not how do I go about finding out exactly which model Tpgs-808 I have?

    1. John,

      Send me your VIN.

  8. Where can I get replacement parts. Rear sprocket bolts are jumping out of place and my ignition has sunk. The 250 model

    1. We should have them. Give the store a call.

  9. Where I can buy body parts for a tpgs-808 150cc scooter???

    1. Call us over the phone. You can pay by card with a 3% card fee. In person pick up is best. Shipping for parts is via Fedex ground.
      If calling to order over the phone, call knowing exactly what part you need. We have no service department so the sales personnel will not be able to diagnose any potential issues. If you know what part it is but not sure how to describe it, take a picture of the part and email it to someone in sales.

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