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15 thoughts on “Dealer Info

  1. Is there a dealer in upstate, ny

    1. We dont have any in NY at this time. Our closest dealers to you would be in:
      Brodheadsville, PA (Chestnut Powersports)
      Norwich, CT (Fusion Powersports)
      Rockland, MA (International Motorsport, LLC)

  2. We don’t have a dealer on the west coast as of May 2016.

  3. Do you sell kill switch tether key, key ignition, headlights, seats, gas tanks with cap?

    1. Send me your model number.

      1. TPATV516 Is the model number and we would also like a new OE exhaust pipe and handle bar Choke control lever, Please and Thank you much.

        1. No problem. Give the store a call so we can get the parts headed your way!

  4. Do you have any wheels I need to replace mine they are cracking out on a tpatv512

  5. I need a replacement body for Peace ATV. 1 piece model TPATV-501

  6. What site can I order parts for tags-811

    1. Parts ordering is over the phone or in person at this time.

  7. Do you sell a Big Bore kit for model TPATV501 (made in 2007)? Also a smaller rear Gear Sprocket then the original?

    1. Not at this time. We only have original parts for each model. The only big bore kit we carry is the 44mm set for the 50cc scooters.

  8. do you have a dealer in the Pittsburgh area

    1. Check out:
      Pittsburgh Motor Scooters
      3041 Freeport Rd.
      Natrona Heights, PA 15065

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